The 2021 Genesis G80 Is a Mercedes-Fighting Luxury Sport Sedan

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Doug DeMuro

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The 2021 Genesis G80 is a luxury sport sedan that rivals BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. Today I'm reviewing the 2021 Genesis G80, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new Genesis G80. I'm also going to drive the new G80 and show you what the new G80 is like on the road.
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213SHATTER Пре 56 минута
Where is the Acura TLX 2021 SH-AWD!??
Nordic Commerce & Consulting
Nordic Commerce & Consulting Пре 4 сата
Looks like an Audi A7
R L Пре 13 сати
The brand sponsored, right?
Ryank _G
Ryank _G Пре 2 дана
8:30 You can write letters in that middle circle.
j cooper
j cooper Пре 2 дана
No thanks. I rather spend $50k-$60k on a low mileage certified pre-owned 2017/2018 Mercedes S550.
frizambisme m
frizambisme m Пре 4 дана
Genesis does what Nintendon't
mjw612 Пре 5 дана
If someone buys this car they were not in the market for an S-class, 7 series, or A8 to begin with
Flex Offender
Flex Offender Пре 5 дана
*Genesis has 3 sedans* Doug: they have too many sedans! 😡 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ananda k
Ananda k Пре 6 дана
Joppers Пре 8 дана
looks like a piece of crap
Daniel M Smith
Daniel M Smith Пре 8 дана
proud owner of a 2020 Genesis G70 elite in white.
Eduardo Cunha
Eduardo Cunha Пре 9 дана
this is something that i see in whatch dogs, for sure
Electro Engineering Services
Electro Engineering Services Пре 10 дана
This is a confusing review. You spoke so highly of this unit like it is almost perfect but yet you graded this unit at 61%. I think you need to take a page out of Steve Hammes note book in regard to prudently grading a vehicle collectively and accurately. Always remember that the listener or the reader is using this information to help make an inform decision in purchasing their next vehicle. The information that you are disseminating has to be clear, precise and informative.
Peter Gruhn
Peter Gruhn Пре 10 дана
I want an eight cylinder turbot.
TheYoutuber Пре 12 дана
Genesis finally has its own identity, and it looks great.
Henrik Koukku
Henrik Koukku Пре 12 дана
2021 Genesis G80 looks and feels sporty and Luxury!.
Steven Cumber
Steven Cumber Пре 13 дана
The car moves on it's own; what bullshit.
Adil Sagadiyev
Adil Sagadiyev Пре 12 дана
How is that bullshit
Ananda k
Ananda k Пре 14 дана
fact gasm
fact gasm Пре 15 дана
When I was very young I was involved in an accident and had to spend several weeks in hospital. The Rockford Files was popular on TV at the time and Dad and I both liked Jim Rockford's 1974 Pontiac Firebird. One day after finishing work, Dad visited me in hospital and brought me a Matchbox diecast model of a Firebird but in a sort of metallic turquoise colour, just the same colour as this car here. It meant the world to me. 👍
FLAKKU03 Пре 15 дана
Looks like a Chinese no-name Brand
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer Пре 17 дана
Rainy day is great! Now take a listen to this random guy pissing in a pond.
lllj lll
lllj lll Пре 18 дана
I'm korean and this car is a totally shit. just buy bmw or mercedes..
Adil Sagadiyev
Adil Sagadiyev Пре 12 дана
Many people say I am Korean and say this car is shit but most of them are lying so no body will really listen to you even if you area telling the truth
furknee06 Пре 19 дана
This is a luxury car I will not settle for just any rain I demand a golden shower!!
Rajesh Subramanian
Rajesh Subramanian Пре 19 дана
Please stop saying "ridges on the outside" It's called knurling, and those things are simply knurled.
G Odulate
G Odulate Пре 19 дана
I guess making a comment that partially alludes to the inability of Americans to drive properly and excoriates them for setting a trend in gas-guzzling, bulky, obnoxiously-inconsiderate vehicles makes you a candidate for deletion on Doug Demero's page. Strange. The comment was relevant to the sentiments made in your video that suggest that investments made in cars are inadvisable and are better suited in SUVs. Again, this is a flawed American phenomenon and way of thinking - aerodynamicism and compactness in sedans embody the future direction of vehicles. Not bulk and senseless obnoxiousness. There's no Formula SUV or SUV and Driver. Cars have, and will always, epitomize true automobile enthusiasm.
Maya Hiles
Maya Hiles Пре 20 дана
so nobodys talking about his stance
Jae Kim
Jae Kim Пре 20 дана
I love inside out!!!!
ФАНАТ BMW Пре 21 дан
Pure copy of a Bentley, espacially the grill.
Christopher Thai
Christopher Thai Пре 22 дана
If the "P" on the gear selector wasn't there, then I would mistake it for a swivel wheel for the infotainment screen.
Samuel Attias
Samuel Attias Пре 22 дана
Nashville Predators' Guy's Mother Bought Her Car
madmike8v72 Пре 23 дана
Beautiful car, excellent assessment Doug.
Arvin Einstein
Arvin Einstein Пре 26 дана
Am I the only one who feels that a 3d screen will be nauseating?
PlatinumState Пре 26 дана
I sisnt think it was releasing for another 6 months
behshad mohebali
behshad mohebali Пре 27 дана
Compare this with the 1 million dollar lagonda taraf 😂😂😂 who would buy that overpriced piece of crap?
TheDankAtheist Пре 29 дана
Would you like some car with your grill?
I'm not sure if they have over invested in sedans, they have 3. BMW and Audi has at least double that, Mercedes has like 8. Then all the variants of each including wagons. It is the market they are going after and people are moving from those brands due to them falling apart if you own them, not lease them. SUV/Crossovers are not that great, they don't drive particularly well. OK, they drive good for what they are or compared to what they were but, there is a always a bit of "its ok" in every SUV/Crossover review. I don't like how they drive or handle and so I always pick a car. If I want to load up more stuff, I bought a truck.
CHUDHUCKER Пре 12 дана
@Adil Sagadiyev So 3 Sedans. Sedans are still more abundant in Korea, the SUV thing is getting more popular there of course but, they brought over those Genesis sedans here. So it isn't really an over investment and was probably easier bringing what they already had over here than to design all new for the time. Genesis now has a GV80, soon a GV70, and a sport coupe, and 2 crossovers are planned. For a new small spin off I think they are doing pretty well. Have to make money before you can spend it.
Adil Sagadiyev
Adil Sagadiyev Пре 12 дана
@CHUDHUCKER no I mean in total they have 4 models so 75% of their line up is sedan which is much more than any other brand in terms of percentage
CHUDHUCKER Пре 12 дана
@Adil Sagadiyev Oh, they do, which ones are they, I must have missed that, can you list them please? Maybe it is different in Canada where I am from?
Adil Sagadiyev
Adil Sagadiyev Пре 12 дана
They have 4 models total so yes they have
Axel Пре месец
Genesis watches Doug's videos
bitcoin daddy
bitcoin daddy Пре месец
God, this "TTTHHIIISS" was good today, good job.
서캘거리 Пре месец
서캘거리 Пре месец
Joe Joseph
Joe Joseph Пре месец
Doug is the kinda guy to pass people on the right on the highway. Shameful.
Ahmad Echols
Ahmad Echols Пре месец
Why couldn't you show us the infotainment center
Stephan Ashley
Stephan Ashley Пре месец
I don’t like the steering wheel shape.
mohcen Bdj
mohcen Bdj Пре месец
can you dougreview the european cars that can't be found in the US and south american Fiat and Vw models that you can find in mexico or brazil ? It would be awesome !
bluedonkeyman Пре месец
You can't compete with a Benz when you look like an Impala
Adil Sagadiyev
Adil Sagadiyev Пре 12 дана
Yes you can when you look like a Bentley
Hazulkar Пре месец
So Mercedes copies the former G80's rear light design on their new S-class. That's why the S-class is now ugly as xxxx.
MrLeo0711 Пре месец
Good old "sounds of nature" my K900 has that as well 🤣🤣
gang gang
gang gang Пре месец
The suv version looks amazing
Wooju Na
Wooju Na Пре месец
That center of the circle thing with arrows on it, you can actually write things down like an ipad in case you need to find a place from navigator.
Shandilya Пре месец
The rainy day sound makes me wanna pee
Oscar Пре месец
I'd take this over the Aston Martin Lagonda.
Rhys Ouellette
Rhys Ouellette Пре месец
Make a video of the G70!
Gary Geiser
Gary Geiser Пре месец
I am currently driving a 2020 G70 (loaner whilst they work on my Genesis) and frankly don’t like it much. Yes, it is super fast and handles well. But, I much prefer my Genesis sedan (G80). So, if Hyundai decides to drop a car I hope it is the 70. The G70 is smaller and rear seats attest to that? It looks good but not as stately as the G80. It rides ok but not as well as the G80. It sells for less than the G80 but not much less.
Gary Geiser
Gary Geiser Пре месец
I drive a 2016 Genesis which I rebadged a G80 - because. Also I drive a 2020 Santa Fe Limited 2.0T. The 2020 had dash lane view cameras and a tweak or two above my Genesis. However my Genesis is a luxury ride in every way. I intend to buy a 2020 G80 Ultimate in 2023 when it is selling at about half price. Living as I do in the very wealthy Palm Beach area I expect any previously owned car to be well cared for and will go for about 20+ K miles on one. My Genesis has 50K miles and remains a flawless vehicle so far.
Naufal Rifki
Naufal Rifki Пре месец
Doug: Having the same powertrain for 3 different models is not gonna work well! VW, who uses the same powertrain for Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, and Audi SUVs: I will pretend I didn't hear that.
Kaiki Vataro
Kaiki Vataro Пре месец
He is better than genesis g90?
Daniel Soto
Daniel Soto Пре месец
Backseats with enough head room? How bout back seats with room for head?
Hope 99
Hope 99 Пре месец
Omg they tried so hard to copy mercedes
Adil Sagadiyev
Adil Sagadiyev Пре 12 дана
Excuse me how this looks nothing like a Mercedes in and out
toobalkain Пре месец
And to think this is just half of Korea, can only imagine how cool this car'd be if North Koreans did their share too, probably twice as good.
jillian drent
jillian drent Пре месец
This car look a like it piece of shit, the inside is ugly, go buy a 1 year old used Mercedes for the same price😂😂😂
Adil Sagadiyev
Adil Sagadiyev Пре 12 дана
Lmao another badge snob what a surprise, if this had a Mercedes badge you would be in love with it
mikehh8020 Пре месец
If I lived in a place with a tight parking situation like that, I wouldn’t drive a $70,000 car unless all others using the lot have cars of greater than or equal value.
Adil Sagadiyev
Adil Sagadiyev Пре 12 дана
Well you wouldn’t live in such a tight place if you can afford this
Tim Daniel
Tim Daniel Пре месец
I hate the engine sound being played through the speaker, just make a good exhaust
TheMFStudios Пре месец
TheMFStudios Пре месец
Love how a lot of these features and interior design are all in the hyundai sonata but he wasn't impressed.
This nice car is finally in the USA
Jasnam Baidwan
Jasnam Baidwan Пре месец
If your kid takes the keys and “holds it” it would start. Once he relies that there are back and forward buttons then, hopefully it has sensors that can stop it from hitting a curb or something. If there was a app makes sense but that is really really dumb for a car maker to make it that easily accessible.
sylee319 - roblox
sylee319 - roblox Пре месец
Dude you forgot one feture on the circle intertatemante screen controler ting
Marty Key
Marty Key Пре месец
Looks really dated already, sure it’s ok but for the money and the amount they lose secondhand I’ll stick to the Mercs.
Adil Sagadiyev
Adil Sagadiyev Пре 12 дана
How does it looks dated? People like you only hate it because it isn’t a cool brand like mercedes
Scale Car Models
Scale Car Models Пре месец
Anyone notice skid marks? Doug be doing donuts low key lmao
Jake Minnie
Jake Minnie Пре месец
My wife drives a 2015 Genesis Htrac that we bought new. It still looks spectacular and has never been in the shop besides scheduled maintainence and 2 windshields due to bad cracks caused by rock chips. It is full of great tech and is very luxurious even after five years. It is not the funnest car to drive but it is very nimble for its massive weight. They don’t have great resale value so it is a car to buy and run into the ground.
thor s
thor s Пре месец
for more than a year, the Peugeot 2008 has been installed in 3D panel
Aditya Vishwanath
Aditya Vishwanath Пре месец
the rainy sound audio thing sounds more like a broken faucet leaking in your toilet than a rain drop
Benny Do
Benny Do Пре месец
Wow, it is a really nice and good car packed with useful technologies. Congratulations to the South Koreans!
Kennito De Van Gavani
Kennito De Van Gavani Пре месец
14:07 - Doug was 6" 1inch here at the time... After the review he went back to 6" 2/3/4 inches simultaneously...
Jackson B
Jackson B Пре месец
hyundai needs to make a cool sports sedan that rivals an s4 or m3 and they'll really be on the map
Bob P
Bob P Пре месец
I actually like the styling of the flagship G90, but it lacks the digital gauge. Genesis needs to make sure their flagship sedan has all the best technology.
Adil Sagadiyev
Adil Sagadiyev Пре 12 дана
Well it is 4 years old
Yasir Rasheed
Yasir Rasheed Пре месец
The buttons above the air con control are from the last gen S class lol
Матвей 25
Матвей 25 Пре месец
Nice car but Peugeot already have 3d monitors! They was first))
Daniel Solomon
Daniel Solomon Пре месец
I am not old and I love sedan more than a SUV which I feel like for old people or family guy
Ethan 2.0
Ethan 2.0 Пре месец
You still haven’t done a bulletproof car?
Ferdous Zubair Khan
Ferdous Zubair Khan Пре месец
Look at the competing Mercedes and compare the 2 designs 😂
Adil Sagadiyev
Adil Sagadiyev Пре 12 дана
So e class? Ya no this destroys the Mercedes in design especially the exterior
TermlessGHM Пре месец
Although it's a nice car I cannot shake this idea from my head that it appeals to people living on credit cards, way above their means...
Peter P.
Peter P. Пре месец
If you can’t get out easily than car next to you also is very close so you will end up with damage doors all the time, useless feature:)
Reza Taghipour
Reza Taghipour Пре месец
Korean's have come a LOOOOOOOONG way in automaking, this is damn fine car!...
Paul G
Paul G Пре месец
8:30 you can also write in this circle
Noah Morphew
Noah Morphew Пре месец
Honestly, Genesis should give us another sports coupe.
Rodney is BACK
Rodney is BACK Пре месец
They were supposed to come this year but covid messed their schedule up
Vision Пре месец
This car is named as the first book of the Old Testament in the Bible, Genesis)
Денис Трошко
Денис Трошко Пре месец
wow awesome sedan. i really like it!
hagakuru Пре месец
@Doug DeMuro The center (white area) on the infotainment control is also an area where you can you use your finger tip or instrument to write/spell out letters for music/navigation/contact selection. It has handwriting recognition and is very useful.
DorGreen1 Пре месец
That's a good looking car!
Tpndgo 20
Tpndgo 20 Пре месец
That color and rims . . . Make that car look old.
acid3129 Пре месец
The rain one sounds like a toilet filling up after.a flush
Dado Doda
Dado Doda Пре месец
Zzzzzzis is ... 😁 on every video; funny Doug; Love your reviews man; 👍
김영호 Пре месец
Mart Cloutier
Mart Cloutier Пре месец
I have a genesis 2015 sedan. Looks like the old g80 and i love it!
Fluffy RES
Fluffy RES Пре месец
Mohamed Shawqi
Mohamed Shawqi Пре месец
22:38 I think they will release a sport tuned version
RayNLA Пре месец
Due to the “Tesla Effect” this segment of the automobile market is no longer relevant. But in 3 years this vehicle will become an incredible bargain at 23k
Matt Wolf
Matt Wolf Пре месец
Fire is a sound of nature. Fireplaces are man made but they pretty much sound like a bonfire which is outdoors.
Matt Wolf
Matt Wolf Пре месец
I want to tie a little leash around the sideview mirror and take it on a walk around the parking lot while controlling it with that remote.
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