The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible Is the Coolest Car Nobody Will Buy

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Doug DeMuro

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The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible is really cool -- but nobody is going to buy it. Today I explain why nobody will buy the LC500 Convertible, and I'm also reviewing the LC Convertible to show all the quirks and features. I'm also going to drive the Lexus LC500 Convertible and tell you what it's like on the road.
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freudsigmund72 Пре 7 сати
27:45 I know why I am not buying one. With € 198.500 (US$ 240.000) it is just double my budget (and the same as a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S convertible)
jameskerry41 Пре 17 сати
i was about to go out and buy one of these until I saw the big oil puddle underneath it 26:00
Brian Joyce
Brian Joyce Пре 21 сат
Terribly coolest dependable vehicle
KenyukoIM Adventure
KenyukoIM Adventure Пре дан
Hey Doug, I was wondering if Lexus was looking to the future of their Lexus touch system. Maybe Lexus, thinks the mouse type system, would be good for most businessmen type of clients, who want that style. Truly isolating from the rest.
mrk107 Пре дан
20:19 Nike logo?
Hector Mosqueda
Hector Mosqueda Пре 3 дана
Make bad bunny or any top artist drive this car and I bet you will sell all of them.
Garland Remington III
Garland Remington III Пре 3 дана
That Lexus LC500 IS ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESSLY GORGEOUS!! I’d buy it in a heartbeat 💗
Hoon Lee
Hoon Lee Пре 3 дана
I have lc coupe and my lease is going to expire in two weeks. I am not going to keep it or trade for new model convertible. This car is odd that not a true sports car nor family car. This time i will go with either x7 or Q8. We are definitely living in S.U.V era. It needs to stay in a garage when snowing. I dare to drive it in snow because damage would be too costly. If you want a real sports car, look at porche instead. Oh did i mention it didnt have apple car play or android for this price.
Atom Bomb
Atom Bomb Пре 4 дана
Lol he just casually skips over the LFA when listing two door cars
Dr Evil
Dr Evil Пре 5 дана
no matter what you say...this is the best japanese car ever made.
Do One
Do One Пре 8 дана
Here we are a few months later and this thing sold like hotcakes and is a legendary vehicle🤣 this Lexus is one of the most well received cars of all time in the UK as of January 2021. This and the Yaris GR. Absolute golden machines.. bad call Doug, bad call on the new defender too. They are known as a joke here.
Keith Barnhart
Keith Barnhart Пре 8 дана
The rear seats are for insurance purposes.
Keith Barnhart
Keith Barnhart Пре 8 дана
Actually, considering all of the features, and the level in which they are implemented, I dont find this Lexus expensive at all.
Mashmarriner Пре 9 дана
Old people. What are you doing? Stop buying boring SUVs.
Zac Ozman
Zac Ozman Пре 9 дана
With that price I go with Toyota Land Cruiser or Nissan GTR😳
ccol009 Пре 9 дана
@1:17. “-Oh Doug! Your car peed itself again.”
Alric Пре 9 дана
In this channel he says no one will buy.. in carwow it says it is worth buying... Clearly by seeing how fast carwow grows since last year..thus carwow more genuine rather than this shit dough
K-GUY 123
K-GUY 123 Пре 9 дана
Looks like a chick car.
G Vogt
G Vogt Пре 10 дана
What is the liquid under the front of the driver's door? Not a good look.
Wenno Gen
Wenno Gen Пре 11 дана
471 hp I heard
Tail finz
Tail finz Пре 11 дана
i think alot of people would rather have this then a 911
Commander Shephard
Commander Shephard Пре 12 дана
I hate SUVs
Pranay Chaturvedi
Pranay Chaturvedi Пре 12 дана
Previous one looked like an aston martin, this one is gorgeous, most beautiful car by lexus so far
richard fouts
richard fouts Пре 12 дана
What a great opening. "This car is JUST COOL .... looks good inside, looks good outside ... just one fatal flaw: nobody is going to buy it." LMAO.
Steven Tea
Steven Tea Пре 12 дана
I agree with Doug with the heated seat. However knowing Toyota they will not changes anything per customer requested. For instance the info entrainment system, millions of people complained about it for years. What did Lexus do nothing.
Kenny Vacek
Kenny Vacek Пре 12 дана
Hi Doug, just wanted to let you know that all the LC500 convertible vehicles we've had are still selling pretty hot and they do not last in our showroom for more than a week at our dealership. We even have 3 on order so this shows there is definitely demand for this type of car.
nabil basta
nabil basta Пре 14 дана
Very gorgeous car this is my dream car for the future
Brendan McCreanor
Brendan McCreanor Пре 14 дана
It’s a Grand Tourer, a Luxury GT.
Gary_ Shah21
Gary_ Shah21 Пре 16 дана
Sorta looks like a Japanese BMW I8 from the side
Jolly Пре 16 дана
Enjoyed this video. The car is basically a classy work of art that you can drive fast and look good in at the same time. Not too sure about the exhaust tone. If you remember the sound of the 1950s and 1960s muscle cars, the today's high performance machines really don't measure up. Still, the car is gorgeous.
GOPAKUMAR gs Пре 16 дана
Doug the type of guy to say there is no buttons in a boeing 747
Brad Wolf
Brad Wolf Пре 16 дана
First impression: post AI Lexus consent implemented in a production model.
Jay Moo
Jay Moo Пре 17 дана
What the Supra should have been. Your wrong about this one Doug, this will hold more resale value than that piece of crap they called the Supra. If your in the market for a Supra, save a bit longer and pick this up instead, you definitely won’t regret it
Paul Robert
Paul Robert Пре 17 дана
There's one on eBay for $177,000 haha.
Sterling Fields
Sterling Fields Пре 17 дана
It feminine
badboychronic Пре 17 дана
WOW nice care and when you talked about the heated seats I almost lost it until you told me it could be set to auto I'm ok with that because Mine would cut on all the time about. That has no back seat would of been better if they just made it for one person laying lol. Your reviews are very good.
Nipuna Pamuditha
Nipuna Pamuditha Пре 18 дана
take a note this will be 400k car in 20 years
Tara Bundy
Tara Bundy Пре 18 дана
Where can I find me one of these?? This is so much better than Christmas ! LoL
Five0deuce Пре 18 дана
Look at the price why would anyone with some common sense buy this overpriced convertible when you can get a corvette c8 starting at 60k
Joseph Roach
Joseph Roach Пре 17 дана
Irks me because everyone is buying the c8 at 85k before dealer markup because “magnariiiiiiiide” and “zeeeeeeee51” The coupe version of the lc500 comes in at 80ish before sports packages that I’d skip (carbon trash) and is the better buy than the convertible, I refuse to consider any soft top convertible. Real shame they don’t go somewhat more cockpit like the c8 inside (driver facing center dash lower controls better visibility), with that, a wide always up optional wing, and some eye popping bright metallic colors they’d get noticed by everyone, it would compete with the c8 for sure, and yet be stupidly more cheap to run than that mid engine GM plexiglass thing which will be driven by youtubers and bought by boomers. The z06 c8 will be another car altogether, once again dumb options will push the actual sale price over 100k but it will be a budget ferrari and the only thing better than a NA v8, is a fpc NA v8. But that’s for another day...
SRG808 8
SRG808 8 Пре 19 дана
What does this have that a Porsche 912 not have?
ChelseaFC !!!
ChelseaFC !!! Пре 19 дана
LC convertible and normal LC both have the same weekend score? Not really...
Rory Henderson
Rory Henderson Пре 19 дана
I have the Lexus is250, had this car since 2008, never let me down. Obviously the LC 500 is much better, Lexus will keep on going
Oscar Пре 21 дан
Simply the most beautiful interior on the market.
FalconInFlight Пре 21 дан
LoL Price
Mr P
Mr P Пре 21 дан
Only flaw-soft top. DARNIT! 😖
Rx - Pert
Rx - Pert Пре 22 дана
JB: "This is the best convertible!" ME: "Why is it leaking oil?"
porscheman998 Пре 12 дана
That's probably water from the A/C since he filmed this in the summer.
Aishik Ashraf
Aishik Ashraf Пре 13 дана
It's a Lexus, it doesn't leak oil.
Niamya Brown
Niamya Brown Пре 22 дана
Lexus should had looked at the new Corvette, or dodge demon for a better ideas to make a coupe. Meaning this design is classy, but lacks depth!, This car needs some heart. This car is for a high-powered C.E.O. women.
james clark
james clark Пре 24 дана
Bruh. Plz clean your knees
Nosgoth of Kain
Nosgoth of Kain Пре 24 дана
2:57 Car did a pee?
Jimmy Bond
Jimmy Bond Пре 24 дана
The rear seats are pointless.
Jimmy Bond
Jimmy Bond Пре 24 дана
Interior sounds a little noisy.
tomatodamashi Пре 24 дана
It's amazing that we reached a point where 400+ horsepower "isn't that good". 20 years ago and we'd be drooling over the power figures.
AndrewKendall71 Пре 24 дана
I love cars in that category. It's a shame they're not in demand enough for makers to keep 'em going. I'd love that one.
Douglas Rose
Douglas Rose Пре 24 дана
the backseat is where the golf clubs go!
Celestial Scripture
Celestial Scripture Пре 24 дана
Cool car.
armadillotoe Пре 25 дана
Waiting for the lottery and my weight loss program to kick in.
gautam patel
gautam patel Пре 25 дана
May opinion is new ford ecosport 2021 review ecoboost engine 1.5 automatic
Darth News
Darth News Пре 26 дана
"Hey check out what my Gauge cluster can do" -Doug 😂😂😂😂
Chris Hubbard
Chris Hubbard Пре 26 дана
Well, there’s a lot of beige in here.
Louidgi Charles
Louidgi Charles Пре 26 дана
I’m from Miami I rented this and used it to its fullest potential... now I’m in love
Rizki Ferdian
Rizki Ferdian Пре 26 дана
I love Lexus LC 500, I hate the reviewer.
Tropic-Al Пре 26 дана
I'll wait 10 years when it's 10 grand.
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez Пре 27 дана
I've seen the coupe version. Absolutely love it! And by the way it was an older man driving it 🤣😂 he was driving around the parking lot showing it off. The coupe version resembles the nearly 10 year old LFA which is one of my all time favorite cars! But anyways there are tons of other luxury cars to choose from around that price or less when slightly used. For example a bmw m4, bmw m6, mercedes c63 amg, and the maserati grandturismo. I would prefer one of these first over the lc500. By the way that exhaust not i was not expecting from a lexus! Absolutely dope! Almost sounds a bit like a mustang gt350 or gt500. I think lexus was trying to make this car as much as an lfa as possible. Especially how the whole dash and tachometer is designed.
DRUNKDONKEY100 Пре 27 дана
It’s just kinda boring and overpriced, it doesn’t have a niche
Porchen Hund
Porchen Hund Пре 27 дана
I have never seen a dissatisfied Lexus owner. Reliable, low maintenance, and gorgeous. Everything a man can ever dream for. It is not that expensive comparing to Porsche or Mercedes. I love Porsche but I probably wouldn't own it for a very long time considering the cost of keeping it. This car is perfect I will by a used LC500.
christpher hill
christpher hill Пре 27 дана
I like the tan interior, it's not black or gray!
christpher hill
christpher hill Пре 27 дана
once or twice a week with carsandbides is fine but every single vid? come on doug
Megaman The Second
Megaman The Second Пре 27 дана
i busted out laughing when he said 94k those people running lexus are smoking that good shit
James Dodd
James Dodd Пре 27 дана
All that and ya got a slow rag top. Get a vette if ya want a cool car. Like the way you parked it over the oil patch. In 5 or 10 years the electric cars will turn it into a boat ancor
mpowe123 Пре 28 дана
So it's everything anyone could want in car and everything anyone does not want or could hate. Ok.
mc fist
mc fist Пре 29 дана
Cause people have noooo moooonieees😂💀
Volsboy Пре 29 дана
Nice car. No way it's more fun to drive than a GT500. Also more expensive. The GT500 will be worth more in 20 years than this will.
Make Money Now
Make Money Now Пре 29 дана
Thanks for sharing this!
AlHamza Al-Ghazawi
AlHamza Al-Ghazawi Пре 29 дана
Master Flee Wells
Master Flee Wells Пре 29 дана
Im gettin the coupe in forest green
Slagg CS
Slagg CS Пре месец
It does indeed look, beefy.
Michael Hoover
Michael Hoover Пре месец
"Pomp and circumstance"! Gotta love a good ole fashioned F. Scott Fitzgerald reference..
crosstgr1604 Пре месец
If Lexus made a pickup truck I'd be in the market
DozensOfViewers Пре месец
The whole point of the digital key fob is you just leave it in your pocket. If I had to fish it out to get into the car I’d be annoyed. Also, that touchpad is one of the reasons I didn’t buy an ES350. It’s vague, tedious, and it gets really hot in direct sunlight.
Kimberley Louise Prance
Kimberley Louise Prance Пре месец
Sorry but I find the interior gaudy, especially the colour, for that money I would rather buy a Bentley Continental R.
Christopher Lin
Christopher Lin Пре месец
The fact that I'm seeing so many comments saying the LC500 is not a proper sports car and should have at least 600+ hp for its v8. Its meant to be a GT car that is for cruising and the fact that it'll probably last a lot longer than all of us. It's sort of like saying you expect the BMW M series, Audi RSs or the Mercedes AMGs to be a comfortable car when it has sports suspensions which is essentially firm not cushy. Also, none of those three companies have NA engines giving the raw power, they all have twin turbos and the current Lexus with a twin turbo engine is for their Luxury sedan, LS500, which is not built for performance
Machiavelli III
Machiavelli III Пре месец
Dougie reminds me of that angry muppett character that goes to the theatre.
news Пре месец
So no one is going to buy it. Wonder how cheap I would be able to buy if off the dealer when they want to get it off the lot
Darian Пре месец
i guess you can install speakers in the back seats
Han Xiao. Cyrano
Han Xiao. Cyrano Пре месец
A product line is to match a lifestyle. Doug is not a typical Lexus person that is why he didn't get it.
phil yip
phil yip Пре месец
I really do like this car , it's awesome in everyway . But like someone else has already mentioned , if I was to spend this kind of money, I would just go with German or Italian. Unless I had so much money, then I would have it as part of my collection. Lol.
Ivan Moody
Ivan Moody Пре месец
It needs about 130 more hp
McFrisko Пре месец
12:00 😅 Bold of you to assume that I have heated seats
Ok I'm just gonna get this off my chest, maybe someone has already committed I don't know but......this car seems to be a retry at the Lfa but worse I mean at least steal the Tesla key phob and "SELF MOVEING DOOR HANDLE MOVER THINGAMABOB" so your TELLING me the guy/lady whose paying 100 thousand has to open his/her own door in 2021....ok I'm exaggerating but this is a weird choice if your targeting young money?? *Disclaimer only watched to 4:19 and got triggered...I want a true Lfa retry no BS I want all the stops 900hp 750fpt of azz hauling 🤑🤑🤑take my money....oh nevermind I can't afford it 🙊🤷‍♂️
Richard B. Davis
Richard B. Davis Пре месец
It’s very cool 😎
Richard B. Davis
Richard B. Davis Пре месец
Jaguar F Door Handle “
Richard B. Davis
Richard B. Davis Пре месец
I see a black oil leak 🥱🥱🥱🥱
Einius Plonis
Einius Plonis Пре месец
Not gona lie, those knobs by the speedometer looks awefull... Also these "imporovements" already was like 6 years ago in BMW... Nothing special
JunkHunter sav
JunkHunter sav Пре месец
TRAVIS411 Пре месец
Nicholas Wideman
Nicholas Wideman Пре месец
Id like to own one with a hard top though. No convertible thanks
Nicholas Wideman
Nicholas Wideman Пре месец
Most people can not afford it. That is why. Most people that can have too many choices. So Lexus will not sell very many.
SpitfireJJ Пре месец
It starts at 92000
Frank Farago
Frank Farago Пре месец
Lexus had learned nothing. This is not one iota better than the SC430 was. In fact, the SC430 had a disappearing metal roof -- not this 1920s style black ragtop. Regarding the rear "seats" -- this is definitely not a 2x2 seating, more like 2+0. Like it was with the SC430. Regarding the price north of USD $100.000 -- what is Lexus smoking lately? Some people would have gotten this LC500 convertible for say $50,000, well $60,000 top. But not form anything more. It's just not practical. Even as a "prestige pimpmobile" it might only cut it in Miami or maybe Atlanta, that's about it. So, what is the buyer's market for it, really? The lelderly hitting the golf courses? Their golf bags won't fir in the trunk, duuuh.
Frank Farago
Frank Farago Пре месец
I don't think the police would be too hard up for finding any DNA samples of Doug. Maybe even a bit too much everywhere?
Piano Fry
Piano Fry Пре месец
I honestly don't care about infotainment if the radio is easy to use.
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