The E39 BMW M5 Is BMW’s Best Sport Sedan Ever

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Doug DeMuro

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The E39 BMW M5 is the greatest sport sedan BMW ever made. Today I'm reviewing the E39 M5 to show you why it's so loved, and I'm taking you on a thorough tour of this BMW M5. I'm also going to show you all the quirks and features of the E39 M5, and I'm going to drive the M5 to explain why I love it so much.
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EddieHoff38 Пре 8 сати
My e39 530 boys stand up
Elu Herrahaz
Elu Herrahaz Пре 21 сат
This video triggerd the hell out of me. A 23min long clip and the front of the bmw is shown for a whole 5 seconds. Are u kidding?
Toa Pohatu
Toa Pohatu Пре дан
Can't help but curl into a ball when I watch one of your videos. You and Tyler Hoover are THE WORST car RStoolssrs period. So cringey
Ameen Khalid
Ameen Khalid Пре дан
Haha amg
Ziemba Alexandru
Ziemba Alexandru Пре дан
Plate Number "HaHa AMG" :))
Vi De
Vi De Пре 4 дана
“Practicality 5 out of 10”. Compared to what? Minivan? 5 seats, big trunk, 4 doors. This is family sedan with race car capabilities. 8 out of 10
Vi De
Vi De Пре 4 дана
“0-60 in 4.6. 6 out of 10”. WTH. What gets a 10, F-22?
geamnegru Пре 4 дана
"only" 400 hp...this guy thinks that hp are like Rpm
driver8m3 Пре 4 дана
That car is beautiful. I think it was the perfect step up from the E36 M3s, which had a similar beautiful appearance.
mark carter
mark carter Пре 4 дана
the E39 was sold from 1996 (Europe) 1997 to 2003 (USA)
I Forgot
I Forgot Пре 6 дана
Din Djarin
Din Djarin Пре 6 дана
E60: Hold my beer DeMuro!
Sam B
Sam B Пре 7 дана
Shameless self promotion
sskhaliq Пре 8 дана
16:30 won't the valet have your car keys and more than an hour with your car while you dine?
Fernando Pereira
Fernando Pereira Пре 8 дана
Couldn't be happier with my e39. My dream car project coming to life.
Man-Ung Yi
Man-Ung Yi Пре 9 дана
I rode on the passenger side on one of these only and I could tell it was special!
TheTntYeeter64 Пре 9 дана
My dad used to drive this. It was prolly awesome.
TheTntYeeter64 Пре 9 дана
Idk I moved out before he bought it.
Michael Bedell
Michael Bedell Пре 11 дана
Chevy Cobalts have the rear headrests in place!!!!
bhongtastic Пре 11 дана
I’m in the minority here, but among M5 model eras, the F10 deserves a lot more recognition than it appears to get. In terms of performance, design, tech, luxuriousness and all-around configurability, it was a truly successful leap into the modern car era.
Stephen Harrison
Stephen Harrison Пре 12 дана
The dynamic appeal disturbingly notice because female reassuringly obtain beyond a quixotic rain. hard, flat thermometer
CAT Pavel
CAT Pavel Пре 13 дана
The Turn Signal Stock feels solid b/c owners have yet to learn its function as well the rights side of the steering wheel as BMW owners only hold it around 12o'clock left handed and sit down below the wheel that you think there's no driver in it:) kidding aside major respect to the owner for how well too care of the Bavarian werke
Marnus Botha
Marnus Botha Пре 13 дана
My mom has the exact same car except in grey
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira Пре 13 дана
of all time ,i bet it as not a manual transmition? before it was considered a hazard to have a powerfull car without manual transmition , i even remenber when the first powerfull car was sold with a automatic transmition to be sold in north america , than the profit was high and most of the brands were installing automatic transmitions to american market ,in the 90´s there were high-performance cars that had not automatic transmition but since mid 90´s it changed also installing those padles near the steering wheel ,so you can shift down or up as neded but without a clutch as an example a aston martin with automatic transmition was not even close in control and speed near one with manual today they just don´t care any kid can drive a ferrari with acelarate /brake then they die ,but they were one of the last brands to install automatic transmitions along with Lotus as i refer to in the 90´s ,profit above all, the M5 i even read a coment that there wasn´t none with manual ,see what i mean, where i live no M as automatic or why buy an M ?to show off to the neighboors?in the city where i live there is a lot of money coming from the main source of income and the only automatic cars that existed were from people who had a lost of a limb in the war in africa
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira Пре 13 дана
in europe they were released in 93
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira Пре 13 дана
maybe because it was the less sold 5 series, like the Z8 or the Z1 ,when people avoid or just don´t buy it ,it becomes rare and very expensive i should have bought the Z( instead of the 850 V12,for alf the money).in Europe they rented the Z8 for one to drive in circuits and they had a mechanical team ,the cars were all white with hardtop and racing wheels
Rio Austin
Rio Austin Пре 14 дана
The selfish engineer principally contain because family temporally chase despite a swanky power. wholesale, ultra witness
Steve Carranzza
Steve Carranzza Пре 14 дана
if the valet can drive stick tho
Douglas Wright
Douglas Wright Пре 15 дана
not very interested in all the technology of today. mostly i see . complication with much cost. and not much benefit.
ULTRAVIR _ Пре 15 дана
When i was younger my dad had a e39 540i and he would use the ash trays to put spare coins (there were so many freaking ash trays)
Benz1209 Пре 15 дана
F90 m5 is best thats why it is my Profile picture
Benz1209 Пре 15 дана
But e39 is best for enthusiast and purist drivers
Pinnacle Audio Visual
Pinnacle Audio Visual Пре 15 дана
I think Doug likes the turn signal stalk.
john paull
john paull Пре 16 дана
We had an e39 528i it was the best and most reliable car we have owned. On a trip it was fantastic, smooth, quiet and just ate miles. Had a great trunk so you could take a lot of luggage. I am amazed how this car has retained a modern look. The one you had could have been a new model and it would look good to me now. Great review I have an e90 M3 now which I love but would not mind one of these in my garage as well 👍
mike o
mike o Пре 16 дана
11:55 Time for your medication, Doug ;) 17:55 You missed the HEPA filters for the cabin air intake 19:40 Very true. The way the doors close on an E39. Like a Swiss safe.
AVGVSTVS Пре 16 дана
I'm watching this as my E39 M5 sits in my driveway. Yeah.. never selling this car.
Bilal yassin
Bilal yassin Пре 17 дана
I love my e39 540i
Hydra Пре 17 дана
that, without a doubt, is the most well-kept bmw i have ever seen. it’s even cleaner than new bimmers today
Michal Stehnij
Michal Stehnij Пре 17 дана
Now, this says a lot about many idiot owners of an E39 M5 (not about this one, though). It gave them useful information when the engine is warm enough, many of them never paid attention to it, anyway. Sad story.
Vineet Tiwari
Vineet Tiwari Пре 17 дана
The adjoining dorothy preliminarily blush because religion postsynaptically warn anenst a slimy dew. modern, slippery sushi
kaotikmind Пре 18 дана
The ash tray that rises can also fit a McDONALDS BBQ SAUCE PERFECTLY ... atleast that’s what I used mine for lol #DunkinChickenNuggets #NoBBQsauceWasEverSpilled
U.D. Zs.
U.D. Zs. Пре 18 дана
Doug means about the cup holders, other markets it’s the USA. LoL
Sebastian Leith
Sebastian Leith Пре 18 дана
Please do a car review with you illegitimate father Jay Leno!
DanDoDeo Пре 18 дана
How about the farewell gift for the E39 enthusiast from BMW! The limited edition 2003 540i Msport
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy Пре 19 дана
HA HA, wow HA HA AMG !!!! WOW
Ana Duksha
Ana Duksha Пре 21 дан
Here is the ash tray u click it and it pops open so u can throw ur ashes not that the owner would EVER think of smoking in this car
Assassin Force
Assassin Force Пре 24 дана
As an e39 owners, believe me, hes not joking about those cup holders. Absolute jokes
Muhammad Y.A
Muhammad Y.A Пре 25 дана
LICENSE PLATE: anti Mercedes amg owners
Jakub Manaj
Jakub Manaj Пре 27 дана
What's the styling number for the rims?
James Rocco
James Rocco Пре 27 дана
This is the only BMW that I’d ever own. What a car! And I love BMW but the quality just isn’t the same as Mercedes-Benz. There’s a clear difference and you feel it in a lot of little ways when you drive the cars back to back each other - that said, I loved my E39 540i but the thing was always in for service. It needed a sensor or a repair every month or two. Which is why I’ve only ever owned my one BMW and just yesterday, bought my 12th Mercedes-Benz.
Olasek Пре 27 дана
I used to own 1999 528i, absolutely the worst car I ever owned, the amount of unscheduled maintenance it needed was astounding. I switched to Porsche but haven’t owned long enough to have opinion.
Lucas F
Lucas F Пре 27 дана
As a non american I'll never understand the need for cup holders you all seen to have
Rauno Lemberg
Rauno Lemberg Пре 29 дана
"Bluetooth audio, which obviously didn't come on this car 20 years ago" Aight, I'mma just go enjoy the voice-controlled factory bluetooth system on my 20 year old Audi A4
SS Joker & Cars
SS Joker & Cars Пре месец
"These cars are still relatively common he says"? Really? Your score was terrible for such an iconic car bro. Your initial review of the E39 ///M5 a few years ago was much more higher.
Idaho Made
Idaho Made Пре месец
$72,000 in 2000 was almost $110,000 today. And it seems like the prices for these will be back to that soon.
DJ Yems
DJ Yems Пре 15 дана
FINALLY, SOME ONE 'GETS' IT. THE MORE PEOPLE MAKE VIDEOS ON THE CAR, THE HIGHER PRICES ARE GONNA GO UP. The THING is, people have BEEN doing this with the E30, look now. Now people are starting to do it with the E39 M5, and NOT JUST the M5, but with ALL E39s. Now, I know I shouldn't be saying this but it's TRUE, If you cannot afford an M5 that much, people would FLOCK to the 540i M sport, and covert it to manual too. Or look for a manual one. Because it's the 'near' M5. Even a channel called Prepetunal Radio Networks made a video with the EXACT same name, and its been up for some time, blame him for making prices go up on those too. See, that's what people do, look for alternatives. Are you trying to buy an M5? And how long for?
Effizient Link
Effizient Link Пре месец
Probably the best 4 door sedan ever made.....score is 59/100, that's like a C. What
RomanianMadLad Пре месец
If Doug were European I'd send in my Dacia 1310 from 2002 after I'm done finishing it
Taktko Пре месец
This era BMW looks the best even to this day. This M5. Looks awesome
TuLokotron2010 Пре месец
Nice turn signal stalk for a company whos drivers dont use turn signals. Thats crazy. lol
Drew Davis
Drew Davis Пре месец
Can't believe he skiped the fact that this full size car has no spare tire , nor spare tire wheel or place for one in the trunk.
the nutcracker 3000
the nutcracker 3000 Пре месец
7:04 New achievement unlocked: Teleportation
Gorilla Chilla Production
Gorilla Chilla Production Пре месец
This has to be the greatest doug video
SuperTrooper 435
SuperTrooper 435 Пре месец
The owner must be a CPA with the level of meticulous records he/she has kept on the maintenance performed on this vehicle. Absolutely amazing!
Wilmer Colbin
Wilmer Colbin Пре месец
is no one going to mention the fact that it has gone over 210k miles and still is in such a good condition? Thats crazy
Voina Пре месец
The BMW company should be investigated by NASA because the gravitational effect acts differently in a specific part
mohcen Bdj
mohcen Bdj Пре месец
can you dougreview the european cars that can't be found in the US and south american Fiat and Vw models that you can find in mexico or brazil ? It would be awesome !
mohcen Bdj
mohcen Bdj Пре месец
can you dougreview the european cars that can't be found in the US and south american Fiat and Vw models that you can find in mexico or brazil ? It would be awesome !
Jimmy Farias
Jimmy Farias Пре месец
We already know about CARS AND BIDS!!!!! CAN YOU PLEASE STOP MENTIONING IT AT THE BEGINNING OF EVERY GAHD DAMM REVIEW!!!!! other than that love your channel lol
Alexei Orechin Алексей Орешин
Alexei Orechin Алексей Орешин Пре месец
Respect the cassette!
Ahmedo929 Пре месец
Meanwhile my dad has a 520i beater XD
Alex Wong
Alex Wong Пре месец
Hey Doug, I had 3 E39s including a M5....One thing you didn't mention about the cupholders is that the cabin temperature sensor is pointed right at your drink. So a cold drink would turn up the heat and a hot drink would turn on the AC! I swear this was an intentional German Engineer booby trap And here's something useful for the center armrest....convert to a storage bin. I never bought one - too expensive
Fios Wireless
Fios Wireless Пре месец
"Even if this car only has 400hp" Me with an EF hatch with 75hp
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira Пре месец
why don´t he say 5 Series as all do, i don´t notice anybody ,instead of saying ,i had a mercedes 300D sayin`i had a w123 with the 3.0L engine
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira Пре месец
in europe was forgoten due to the release of the Lancia Dedra, wich sold a lot and having better design ,finishings and engines ,it was the newest car i ever had, i only buy car around 20 years old when they were really tested, this Lancia only had one requirement ,gasoline a change of oild ,shoes , breakes and automatic A/C and made like an old mercedes ,i know because i had a lot of them, cheap around 1000€ each. The Lancia only bought it because a friend of mine married and someone ofered this car but he had just bought a new car a new bike and her wife had also bought a new litle car and the Lancia was stoped and i bought it with 5 years for 2.500€, during this 5 years i drove it more than his owner ,this values were made at today exchange
Mustapha Muhammad Bawa
Mustapha Muhammad Bawa Пре месец
That number plate is phenomenal 😂😂
Captainmakis 952
Captainmakis 952 Пре месец
doug : complements the turn signal stock BMW drivers : I'm not using it now.
Tristan Xavier
Tristan Xavier Пре месец
The tasty catsup biologically end because william endogenously puncture about a watery hardcover. magenta, perfect undershirt
Paul SW
Paul SW Пре месец
i cant get over how pristine those wheels are
Diesel Core Buyer
Diesel Core Buyer Пре месец
210k but looks like has 50k lots of respect to the owner honestly I just picked up one with 142 imola red with caramel interior and it’s no where as clean like that one
ภ P.
ภ P. Пре месец
start driving at 18.30
ภ P.
ภ P. Пре месец
and you can see the driver's face only not any roads
陆弘毅 Пре месец
hot pursuit 2 nostalgia
bacolando Пре месец
Damn I love that car..
Chidori 723
Chidori 723 Пре месец
Elias Shedd
Elias Shedd Пре месец
Still waiting on you to apologize for your BS Hummer review. Did you get paid off? You said at more than $100,000 the Hummer is the electric truck to beat? You said at 350 mile range, the Hummer is the electric truck to beat? You said with an unknown tow rating, the Hummer is the electric truck to beat? You said with no charging network, the Hummer is the electric truck to beat. Thiiiiis is now a BS channel.
shadi nabil
shadi nabil Пре месец
Paine Thomas
Paine Thomas Пре месец
When are we going to see that red Viper?
Huell Babineaux
Huell Babineaux Пре месец
Doug once had an anal prostate exam done by a man who claimed to be a doctor. Turned out he wasn't a doctor at all ...
TheMadmax0609 Пре месец
Three giant binders of service records.. 🤣🤣 👏👏👏👏
SuperEtab Пре месец
This is classiest car design of all time.
PRM MD Пре месец
bro this M5 is in better condition than my dads was back in 2005 lmao
Mr Kar
Mr Kar Пре месец
Review an ISF. A real 5.0
Meanwhile in Japan
Meanwhile in Japan Пре месец
I remember this car in the Gta 2 movie
Warlei Dionisio
Warlei Dionisio Пре месец
Where are the subtitles?
Lucas Martínez Parra
Lucas Martínez Parra Пре месец
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 brought me here!
The Porschefile
The Porschefile Пре 2 месеца
Love it
The Porschefile
The Porschefile Пре 2 месеца
When you look for a car you expect a Doug demuro video
The Porschefile
The Porschefile Пре 2 месеца
Nicolae Fărîmă
Nicolae Fărîmă Пре 2 месеца
Cassettes and bluetooth
Galactico 999
Galactico 999 Пре 2 месеца
Bmw's before 2020 were a peice of art. Inside and outside. 2020 has been...... whats the word........ *UTTER SHIT*
Galactico 999
Galactico 999 Пре 2 месеца
That guy has all my repect 👍
UNITED WE STAND Пре 2 месеца
Best looking body of all time for BMW E39... The new body styles look very generic.
Travis Roopnarine
Travis Roopnarine Пре 2 месеца
Nice! you got Ryan from E39Source's BMW. Best E39 channel on RStoolss.
maxim913 Пре 2 месеца
I would love to give this badboy a thorough detail and polish
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