The Mazda RX-8 Is a Fun Car You Probably Shouldn't Buy

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Doug DeMuro

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The Mazda RX-8 is weird, cool, and special -- and you probably shouldn't buy one. Today I'm reviewing the Mazda RX-8, and I'm showing you all the quirks and features of the unusual RX-8. I'm also driving the RX-8, and I'm going to show you why you shouldn't consider one, even though it's cool.
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Jason Пре 16 сати
Someone let him review their clean r3
IGGI Beats
IGGI Beats Пре дан
5:17 "the bomb has been planted"
Matthias Annaberger
Matthias Annaberger Пре 2 дана
THE rx-8 looks amazing. Everything you pointed out, i really liked (besides the licence plate)
Peter Evans
Peter Evans Пре 2 дана
I had three 2nd generation RX-7's, the rotary engine was superior to other engines through turns, drove them over 50k miles each (they started with over 70k when I bought them) and never lost one seal, no idea how the seal rumor got started but it is as false as can be. With street Toyo tires on stock rims it did one G in corners all day and I never once had brake fade. I graduated university, prepared to buy the RX-8...but as you can see from the numerous terrible design ideas, there was no way. I would buy the 2nd or 3rd Generation RX-7's right now if they sold it new with a larger rotary engine. I agree with Doug on the ugliness, absolutely ruined the style of the car so bad they had to call it a different number.
Larry Schwartz
Larry Schwartz Пре 3 дана
That rotary will rev forever. The beep of the buttons can be turned off.
*ccxgamèrlynx* Пре 3 дана
This was the best car in nfs carbon
EZU _ Пре 3 дана
So are engine modifications possible or no
Cole Wilson
Cole Wilson Пре 4 дана
Mazda making credit card keys a decade before tesla
My dad has an rx8 and has no problems
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen Пре 3 дана
All cars have problems... the RX8 just happens to have all of them.
swindlebot does car stuff
swindlebot does car stuff Пре 5 дана
i have loved the RX-8 since i was a tiny child.
Googitymaster69 Пре 6 дана
13:53 that’s what she said
aaren casabian
aaren casabian Пре 6 дана
Does it go fast?
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen Пре 3 дана
Not really...
The Auto Enthusiast
The Auto Enthusiast Пре 6 дана
you gave this car a higher score than you talked about it lol. i demand a recount.
FrownyMascot Пре 6 дана
10:10 this angle tho, what in Alice in Wonderland is going on here 🤣
Noah Noonan
Noah Noonan Пре 9 дана
Mr Hawkhawk
Mr Hawkhawk Пре 10 дана
These cars has a bad Reputation. That's why they don't make them anymore.. anyone agrees in 2021 = I love Watermelons
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen Пре 3 дана
The RX8 was the worst mazda ever made.
Sub Plz
Sub Plz Пре 10 дана
How many time he said circle 👇🏻
Julio Ortega
Julio Ortega Пре 10 дана
I have not see this car in years I remember being a teenager I wanted it but I choose a s2000
Tam Chompson
Tam Chompson Пре 10 дана
My RX8 had a regular key, this one looks weird as hell
Jeremy Пре 11 дана
I, The Raven, enjoy the way this car looks. *pecks at ground vigorously*
Marshall Thomas
Marshall Thomas Пре 11 дана
37k likes richer...
Sammy Fiction
Sammy Fiction Пре 11 дана
I'm sorry but that chart at the end just ruined all the credibility.
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin Пре 11 дана
My first car, and a stick too
bloodrune329 Пре 11 дана
Ever since Doug said that the 996 was the most beautiful 911 (from certain angles), he has had a warped sense of reality.
Ben-J RC
Ben-J RC Пре 11 дана
He could have clean the car...
Prince Kagato
Prince Kagato Пре 12 дана
Doug hates circles cause he's a square....
Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel Пре 13 дана
Everything he said he didn't like style wise is why I love it xD
Kuro Пре 13 дана
Nobody: Doug: The gear lever has a circle in it.
Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel Пре 13 дана
Doug - Its also a triangle like the rotor
dudder86 dudder
dudder86 dudder Пре 14 дана
Its was mimicking the saturn ion
PantiesGoneWild Пре 14 дана
i remember my father getting an manual 04 rx~8 back in 09, for $13k , so much fun, sadly after 3 years, once it reached 105k miles, nothing but maintenance issues
E M Пре 15 дана
The sound of those buttons make me think that the glovebox is actually a microwave.
Buster Brown
Buster Brown Пре 16 дана
Doug's type guy to be bubbas girl freind I'm any prison system
Heandog's Tech & Gaming
Heandog's Tech & Gaming Пре 16 дана
its a 190 brake interest lost instantly
J.A.R. II Пре 16 дана
I hate the door situation
Bento Bekker
Bento Bekker Пре 16 дана
The front looks fine but the back destroys the whole of it
Not Nahian Farabi
Not Nahian Farabi Пре 16 дана
All cars have problems , this car has all problems !
marcoleman4 Пре 17 дана
I almost bought this car but was told not to because of the engine!
Hector Velasquez
Hector Velasquez Пре 17 дана
The 2.2k dislikes are from the Mazda fan boys
srinath Karur
srinath Karur Пре 18 дана
rx8: Circles Lamborghini: hExaGOnS
Ahmed Altwaini
Ahmed Altwaini Пре 18 дана
ive had my rx8 for 2 years, its at 174,000kms, original engine. Best car ive ever driven
I.AM. Пре 18 дана
Those sun visors come in handy when the sun is directly behind the four-way stop sign in 5 o'clock traffic. The rotary engine normally produces 7500-9500 rpm before changing gears, whether you have an automatic or manual, respectively. Those engines run hot and you need premium fuel. You must also race the engine once a week, minimum, to keep carbon buildup at minimum levels. 2011 RX-8 owner PS - if possible, when purchasing from a dealer, get the premium extended warranty. At 84K miles, my transmission and engine had to be replaced. Cost more than the car's worth. In addition to that, everything's been replaced due to maintenance upkeep. On mile 3000. :-)
Evangelion Пре 19 дана
I can't unhear Doug saying, "Circle."
Siddharth Bhatt
Siddharth Bhatt Пре 19 дана
This is damn good looking car doug i disagree with you this time
ZombieWilfred Пре 20 дана
The coolant light is supposed to look like a radiator... Come on, Doug, you should've been able to figure that out! 😂
kirby _
kirby _ Пре 20 дана
This car really teach us to take care of our car
Ubaldo Rolon
Ubaldo Rolon Пре 21 дан
Parking Break Flag 😂😂
TRASHoftheTITANS Пре 21 дан
12:35 That's a ski hatch, chief. I've never heard anyone call it a "trunk pass-through", especially someone who knows what its intended purpose is 😂
Sketo Twa
Sketo Twa Пре 22 дана
If you want to fix the rx8 just buy billet engine parts
Eagle Watch
Eagle Watch Пре 23 дана
If Doug fits in the backseats then everyone can
Mister Phresh Onyo
Mister Phresh Onyo Пре 23 дана
I drive a 2005 A6 and the cupholders are exactly behind the gear shifter and i'm thinking to myself - if my car wasn't automatic, that would be nightmare especially for somebody like be who likes carrying bottles of shakes and juice with him. It's a very bad position for cupholders. But many cars have it that way, it's not only Mazda and Audi :D
Another Chad
Another Chad Пре 23 дана
His random shirt makes me laugh
David Ha
David Ha Пре 24 дана
10:08 you look like a giant in a hot wheel.
Matthew Marcellinus
Matthew Marcellinus Пре 24 дана
This car is definitely good looking
beunhaas102 Пре 25 дана
Why all the hate against the rotary engine? How is a wearing rotary seal a reliability issue? That is the same as saying a piston car is unreliable because the timing belt wears out after a few years. Parts wear (on any car), that doesn't make a car unreliable, failing parts do... Yes, a rotary engine will need more rebuilds than a conventional engine, but they are easy enough engines to lift out of the car and work on. And the RX8's are cheap enough that you can factor in some engine overhaul costs. A problem finding someone to work on it? There are loads of specialist all over the world that can do a good overhaul with modifications to make them better. Once they have been rebuild you can do many years with pretty much normal maintenance. The rotary engine defines this car, it is what makes it possible to have a mid engined 4 seater car with a decent sized boot and a low center of gravity for great handling. Was it the best daily-driver back when it was new? No, most definitely not. But now that they have gotten as cheap as they are they have become great as a second (weekend) sports car.
Thomas Redden
Thomas Redden Пре 26 дана
Man this is one of my favorite looking cars from my childhood, reliable as paper in a rainstorm but still beautiful looking
Shaun Cole
Shaun Cole Пре 27 дана
Are the circles there because it is a rotary?
Marcelo Pantoja
Marcelo Pantoja Пре 27 дана
At least wash the car. I used to own an rx8 in California car gets extremely hot but every second driving this car was super unique 😂👌🏻
Jordan Davenport
Jordan Davenport Пре 28 дана
Such an awful car reliability is horrible with anything over 50k and a nightmare to work on
unknown killer
unknown killer Пре 28 дана
My cousin HAD a RX 8 but his engine blew up like 2 months ago
unknown killer
unknown killer Пре 21 дан
He was just driving and it blew up
Kandy Salas
Kandy Salas Пре 21 дан
Damn that’s tragic, does he know what happened?
TeenageCarLover 13
TeenageCarLover 13 Пре 29 дана
Doug: I HATE how this car looks. Mazda: Don’t review it then!
Teo Ant.
Teo Ant. Пре месец
disabled person the interviewer...
Zazoo Kluk
Zazoo Kluk Пре месец
Mazda should’ve made the trunk lid like a hatchback and make the rear seats fold down so there would be a huge opening thus making the car more practical.
Zazoo Kluk
Zazoo Kluk Пре месец
The wheels are also a circle. Doug’s head is a circle
Zazoo Kluk
Zazoo Kluk Пре месец
I always wondered why an automatic doesn’t have the power of a manual. Is it because the auto transmission can’t handle the power and torque? The Lamborghini has an auto and it has 600 hp.
Bry Pom
Bry Pom Пре месец
I own a R3 and it is alot more fun than the numbers suggest !! And women love the way it looks 😁🤘, if mazda would have turboed it from factory it would have been a master piece .
AbevlogsOfficial Пре месец
Do an nc miata next
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper Пре месец
I just saw one on fb for a great deal. Figured I'd see what Doug had to say. Now I'm kinda bummed. Was wanting to get one
Roadrunner-Dk Пре месец
Renault key
not maddox just kidding
not maddox just kidding Пре месец
i actually like the key
Giocido Пре месец
Braulio Rodríguez
Braulio Rodríguez Пре месец
One of my dream cars 🥺❤️
NstyMax Пре месец
What useless information. Horrible negative review on a car that’s damn reliable if you take care of routine scheduled maintenance. Definitely don’t have to worry about me subscribing to this channel.
Charles Nokes
Charles Nokes Пре месец
If i had a dollar for every time Doug says circle.
Derp Hippo
Derp Hippo Пре месец
This is the most annoying video I’ve ever watched he talked about the suicide doors for 5 minutes and it’s not like he brought anything else up about it just the same thing over and over again, it’s not like suicide doors are uncommon
Harrison The Car Guy
Harrison The Car Guy Пре месец
the back reminds me of a 90s pickup
Harrison The Car Guy
Harrison The Car Guy Пре месец
nobody is talking about how doug said he was taking the 37 cents
Jason Pooler
Jason Pooler Пре месец
These “weird doors” are used in trucks so they aren’t weird 😂
aadam Iftkhar
aadam Iftkhar Пре месец
Car looks great!
Titan Racing
Titan Racing Пре месец
Not a really good review tbh, miss a lot of in depth information.
Andriu Пре месец
I'm still gonna get it cause JDM
psp785 Пре месец
They need to revise it for 2022
SyCo R4GE Пре месец
This is probably the most controversial video Doug has ever made xD
SyCo R4GE Пре месец
Yes, Doug, circles... totally not gonna have a triangle as a steering wheel and the climate control vents rectangular
pigeon. Пре месец
Take a shot everytime he says "circle"
Damir Mešić
Damir Mešić Пре месец
Doug, when you're driving, shut up and send it
Tofu Пре месец
I'm IN LOVE with the look of this car
Dat-E.Z 335
Dat-E.Z 335 Пре месец
more like 1k canadian LOL
Erik Ochoa
Erik Ochoa Пре месец
I got tired of hearing circles
oh okay
oh okay Пре месец
the reason why it says at 13:27 special or unique it’s because some country like i do have super or special for example UAE they only have special or super and also some others country’s have unique fuel so they have to put it their to remind them
Papaf's cars project
Papaf's cars project Пре месец
i am 17 and i love that car and if you drive carefully you dont have to fear nothing in it....its just a car
Zero legend
Zero legend Пре месец
Fuck u Doug my car is sexy af I love my rx8 and silence the rear window is one of the things that have stayed the same shape in the rx7s and the mx5
Azril Nazli Alias
Azril Nazli Alias Пре месец
wow...the engine bay.............
Sid Munro
Sid Munro Пре месец
Sun roof included?
tanner1ie Пре месец
A 6 second 0-60 should be surely at least an 8/10!... Particularly when most normal cars (outside the overside engines ye get in the U.S.) are a lot slower! For example i drive an 08 Mazda 6, with a 118hp 1.8l, which had around a 10.5 second 0-60 ( and even though the third gen 6's have 145-165hp in petrol models, they're a bit heavier, getting about 9.5 and 8.5 0-60s. However even such cars are a lot quicker than many people's 1.0 ~60hp hatchbacks with 12+ second 0-60! I wish i lived in a world were the RX-8 is slow! 😮😃 Indeed sure i know, some Porsches etc have around 3 second 0-60s, but they're just nuts 😃 .
teletronz Пре месец
The car was cool enough to be in the X Men sequel
Shreesh mayekar
Shreesh mayekar Пре месец
you should really think before getting in the back
Darlemonte Пре месец
Iiii dunno if that "Doug score" has any value when this video has been exceedingly filled with an ABUNDANT amount of decenting opinion, and... well flat out misinformation.
Hristian Hristov
Hristian Hristov Пре месец
If you want that car, there is a option about it. 1. Buy it 2. Throw that engine away and replace it with other reliable engine 3. Enjoy.
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva Пре месец
I don't understand the fixation with cupholders... i think they are mostly used in North America. Never needed them and sometimes they just ruin the console space.
Gallardo281064 Пре месец
You can turn the beep off😂😂
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